Suicide:  What Really Happens in the Afterlife?

Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? is a unique book. It gathers in one place the what the dead themselves say about suicide, its consequences, and their experiences in the afterlife. Perhaps more importantly, it doesn't just consider traditional suicide, which has been steadily growing in incidence around the world, but also to other forms of suicide that our society is struggling to understand and deal with—assisted suicide and murder-suicide, particularly suicide bombers and other terrorists. Topics covered in the chapters include:

  • An overview of traditional suicide.
  • General spirit attitudes towards suicide.
  • Why spirits say they took their own lives.
  • What it is like to cross over at the moment of death.
  • The experiences of suicides in the afterlife.
  • Afterlife adjustment problems.
  • How spirits progress in the afterlife.
  • What suicide souls would say to those left behind.
  • What these spirits would tell others who want to take their own lives.
  • The spirit views on terrorism and murder-suicide.
  • The experiences of suicide bombers in the afterlife.
  • What the perpetrators and victims of mass murder-suicide would say to others.
  • The meaning of catalytic events, such as September 11th, 2001.
  • The spirit realm's solution to terrorism. Why this book?

Why this book? Many years ago, I (Jon) was asked by a psychologist to put together a few channeled messages from suicides describing their state in the afterlife. The reason? He thought that if a suicide client of his truly knew what she was getting into, that she would change her mind and not do it. I gathered about 20 pages of such messages--all of them saying it had been a mistake, the body dies but consciousness does not. It appears that all of your loneliness and psychological pain not only continue as bad as before, but are, if anything, made worse! Their messages are generally full of regrets, if not for what they did, then for how their act had affected others.

Time passed. Two years ago, Pam and I started putting together this book. We went into greater depth than had been done before, and looked at two variations on suicide that our society is currently coming to terms with--assisted suicide and suicide murder (such as suicide bombers). It's important to recognize here that those who have a terminal illness who chose to shorten their suffering through assisted suicide, have very different experiences, with much smoother transitions and fewer regrets, than do those who take their life while in a healthy body. However, even in these cases, the spirit realm suggests that such a decision be considered very carefully before being acted upon, because there may be some purpose to what is being experienced towards the end of life.

Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? is s resource for the family, friends, and survivors of suicide, as well as for psychologists and psychiatrists to use as bibliotherapy for suicidal clients. It is a must read whether you have considered taking your own life, know someone who has done it, or simply want to understand what channeled messages tell us about the meaning and consequences of these violent acts.

The book first came out in June 2006 from North Atlantic Books and is 439 pages long. It is now available at all bookstores.

Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? is currently being translated into Spanish and will eventually be available in that language from Palmyra Libros, an imprint of La Esfera de los Libros.  However, it is not available as an e-book or in audio format.

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