My Services
I am available as a consultant, guest lecturer, workshop leader, facilitator, and conference speaker, and to do interviews and to take part in research projects, in any of the following areas (or combination of them), listed in no particular order:
  • Parapsychology (ESP/Anomalous Cognition, Psychokinesis/PK, and Survival Research)

  • Consciousness Studies and working with Altered States of Consciousness

  •  Channeling and Mediumship

  • EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) and ITC (instrumental transcommunication) Research

  • Scientific Information from Paranormal Sources (e.g., psychic, channeled, ASCs, extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional, et al)

  • Topics in New Paradigm Science and Paraphysics (e.g., emerging unified-field-based engineering approaches, tapping the zero point energy vacuum, anti-gravity, subtle energies, higher dimensionality, and higher frequency domains, working toward post-Cartesian unification of consciousness, intention, and the spiritual with the currently understood known forces and fields and with the subtler paraphysics domains)

  • The Emerging Spiritualization of Science, including the relation of Science and Spirituality

  • The Current Paradigm Shift that is occurring in our scientific thinking and in our overall worldview and the changes taking place within our human lived experience and consensus reality (including concepts of "ascension," dimensional and/or frequency and consciousness shift)   

  • The Politics of Consciousness (e.g., who is adept at Consciousness Engineering and for what purposes, for whose benefit; the contending of forces regarding who should have how much awareness and knowledge about the larger reality; how consensus realities are maintained, and  approaches to transmuting consensus realities from within)   

  • Reality Creation (multidisciplinary views on how we create our own reality and how we can learn to do so more consciously, with greater understanding, with more control and efficacy, and with better or more desirable results  than is currently the case when being done in such an unconscious, uninformed, and automatic manner)

  • Interdimensional and Extraterrestrial Contact, Communication, and Collaboration  (UFO Research and Extraterrestriology)

  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine, including Radionics

  • Transpersonal Psychology and the Spiritual Domain in general

  •  Creativity, perspectives on its nature, and ways to bring it forth and enhance it and use it for practical ends

  • Intuition, its nature and how to develop and use it.

  • Mental Imaging, visualization, and imagination, its nature and uses

  • Paranormal, Otherworldly, and Spiritual Emergences and Emergencies (and helping people who are experiencing such)

  • Suicide, and Suicide in relation to the Afterlife

  • Mind Control

  • Conspiracy Theories

  • Qualitative Research Methods

  • Arts Education


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